Eros 101: Do men and women love the same way?

The contradictions of erotic Love as the path to the spiritual dimension of relationships.


Eros 101 Online webinar/talk
When: May 14th
Time ( not available)
Length 1:15/1:30
Where: Zoom Platform (school of mythopoetic?)
Who: boys and girls.
How much: pay as you can or $ 20 to be split 50% with the platform.

The ancient ones thought differently. Socrates, the great erotic thinker of ancient Greece, defined erotic love as a “mania”, a madness yet he added that “ the gods grant such madness for our great fortune”.

The purpose of the talk is to reacquaint ourselves both with that ‘madness’ and that ‘great fortune’ and see how they play out in each gender.. While I believe that Erotic love is an untamable, irrational mystery, it does not mean that it can’t be lived with competency and grace.

We develop our Competency by understanding that those differences have a hidden purpose and should be celebrated instead of flattened. They are the necessary steps to lead us beyond our rationality so to experience the deeply spiritual and evolutive nature of our erotic relationships. Grace will then emerge as Eros has a great ambition and single focus: to take each of us on a journey to the origins of beauty, our own.

Instead of slinging mud we will attempt to cast praises, to discover that each gender holds the key to ignite the other in profound ways and, at the same time, it is the balm to soothe the other’s love grief. As it is designed to be.

We will touch upon:


  • Humans as a Love and beauty dependent species.
  • The core difference between the physiology of sex and love and how to switch between the two.
  • The erotic education that each gender imparts to the other.
  • The destination of Erotic Love.